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Logo of Stella composed of a big blue star with 8 branches in front of a white circle with four white small stars around, Stella Saddlery is written on the right below in white
Picture of a Las Vegas Platinum on a horse, it is a western saddle made by Stella Saddlery with smooth leather on seat, side jockey and fender.



A work saddle full of elegance

Experience superior comfort and flexibility with the Las Vegas Platinum saddle. This handcrafted design features smooth leather on the seat, side jockeys, and fenders, offering exceptional freedom of movement. Choose from calfskin for long-lasting wear or buffalo leather for a secure grip. With a wide range of customizable tooling options and colors, create a Las Vegas Platinum that reflects your unique riding style. 

All our saddles ensure close contact between your horse and you, enabling you to experience the best riding sensations and achieve a perfect couple connection. 

Sleek design



Icon of a pencil drawing representing the sleek design of Stella western saddles
Icon of a rider with his horse performing western sport representing Stella western saddles sportiveness
Icon of a western saddle being manufactured representing the endless customizations available for the Stella western saddles
  • The Las Vegas Platinum by Stella Saddlery is a handcrafted work of art designed for both comfort and performance. Supple, smooth leather graces the seat, side jockeys, and fenders, allowing for exceptional flexibility and freedom of movement in the saddle. This luxurious saddle caters to the discerning rider seeking both elegance and functionality. 

    For a perfect fit with your horse's back, you can have the saddle fitted to your horse for greater comfort. Versatile fitting is also available if you use your saddle with multiple horses.

  • The Las Vegas Platinum saddle is available with a wide range of customization options, so you can create a unique saddle that is designed just for you. Select from our tooling patterns or request a custom design. Choose between calf or buffalo leather for the smooth leather parts. Several colors are available.

    The Velcro option allows you to easily remove and replace the sheepskin for washing or replacement.

    This is not an exhaustive list, so please book a free fitting session with one of our Saddle Experts to learn more.

Picture of a meticulous leather tooling in Sheridan style with flowers that can embellish your western saddle


Our highly trained saddle expert comes directly to you for a free saddle trial with no purchase obligation

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